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39 Steps (Property) 9 City Arcade WS136LY


A Sanders (Property) 30 Bird Street WS136PR
ABC Regal (Property) 23 - 27 Tamworth Street WS136JP
Adams (Property) 38 - 40 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Aldi (Property) Church Street WS136EB
Après (Property) 13 Bird Street WS136PW
Argos (Property) 4-6 Gresley Row WS136JF


Barclays Bank (Galleries)
Barclays Bank - 1960’s (Property) 15 Market Street WS136JX
Barhaha (Property) 34-36 Market Street WS136LH
Barnardos (Property) 45 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Beerbohm (Property) 19 Tamworth Street WS136JP
Betfred (Property) 48 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Betta Pets 2 (Property) 1 Lombard Street WS136DP
Bird Street (Street View)
Bird Street Registry Office (Property) Bird Street WS136PN
Birds Bakery (Property) 41 Market Street WS136LA
Blue Cross (Property) 15 Market Street WS136JX
Blush (Property) 2A Bakers Lane WS136NF
Boots (Property) 4-8 Tamworth Street WS136JJ
Bore Street (Street View)
Bradshaws Radio & Television (Property) 23 Bird Street WS136PW
Brewhouse And Kitchen (Property) 1 Bird Street WS136PR
Brewhouse And Kitchen - Bulova (Photos)
Britannia Building Society (Property) 29 Market Street WS136LA
Burton Menswear (Property) 41 Bore Street WS136NB
Bustle (Property) 15 Market Street WS136JX


Card Factory (Property) 31 Bakers Lane WS136NQ
Carols (Property)
Cathedral Gift Shop (Property) 11 Bakers Lane WS136NF
CEX (Property) 48 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Chambers Furniture (Property) 25 WS136PD
Cheltenham & Gloucester (Property) 2 Conduit Street WS136JR
Christophers Ltd - Bakers Lane Shopping Precinct (Property)
City Corner Cafe (Property) 15 Bore Street WS136LZ
Claire’s Accessories (Property) 51 Bore Street WS136NB
Coffee#1 (Property) 3-5 Gresley Row WS136JF
Coiffeurs (Property) 2 Conduit Street WS136JR
Conduit Street (Photos)
Cooperative (Property) 41 Bore Street WS136NB
Cross Keys (Locations)
Crucifix Conduit (Locations)
Cruck House (Property)
Crystals Chinese and Cantonese (Property) 3 Bird Street WS136PW
Currys (Property) 20 Conduit Street WS136JR


Dam Street (Photos)
Dam Street (Locations)
Dam Street 1980’s (Photos)
Dam street 1980’s (Photos)
David Arthur Opticians (Property) 9 Market Street WS136JX
Debenhams (Property) 46 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Decades Vintage Boutique (Property) 7 St. John Street WS136NU
Dominos (Property) 13b St. John Street WS136NU
Donegal House Clock (Locations)
Dorothy Perkins (Property) 35 - 37 Market Street WS136LA
Dylan Convenience Store (Property) 17 St. John Street WS136NU


Early Learning Centre (Property) 41 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Eleven Hair & Beauty (Property) 11 Bird Street WS136PW
Elias Ashmole (23 May 1617 - 18 May 1692) (People)
Enots Demolition (Property)
Erasmus Darwin (12 Dec 1731 - 18 Apr 1802) (People)
ES Jewellery (Property) 1 Tamworth Street WS136JP
ES Jewellery and Town & Country Building Soc. (Photos)


F Collins & Son (Property)
F J Long and Son Ltd (Property)
F. J. Lacey Newsagent (Property) 13 Dam Street WS136AE
Faro Lounge (Property) 29 Market Street WS136LA
Farquhar Sweets and Groceries (Property) 7 Dam Street WS136AE
FATFACE (Property) 20 Conduit Street WS136JR
Five Hair & Beauty (Property) 7 St. John Street WS136NU
Florist of Lichfield (Property) 20 - 22 Tamworth Street WS136JJ
Flying Tiger Copenhagen (Property)
Focus (Property)
Fortescues (News) 2 Dam Street WS136AA
Friary Shoes (Property)
Friary Wall (Locations)
Frisby’s (Property) 35 - 37 Market Street WS136LA
Frog Lane boys’ school (Locations) 3-5 Gresley Row WS136JF
Fruit Market (Property) 9 Market Street WS136JX


Game (Property)
Gents hair saloon (Property) 27 St. John Street WS136NU
Geogre 4th (Property) 34 Bore Street WS136LU
George and Berties (Property)
Gilmore’s (Property) 5 St. John Street WS136NU
GimmeGizmo.com (Property)
Graeme Hewes Menswear (Property) 7 Market Street WS136JX
Greggs (Property) 9 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Gresley Row 1990 and Now (Street View)
Guardian House (Property)


H.C. Moore - Chemist (Property) 4 Conduit Street WS136JR
Hair By Ali (Property) 7 St. John Street WS136NU
Hallmark and The Works (Property) 49 Bore Street WS136NB
Hansons (Property) 28 Market Street WS136LH
Harun’s Barbers (Property) 7 Bird Street WS136PW
Harwayes (Property) 30 Market Street WS136LH
Hawkin's Bazaar (Property) 2A Bakers Lane WS136NF
Hepworth Building Products (Property)
Hidden Lichfield (Locations)
Hindleys (Property) 10 Tamworth Street WS136JJ
HMS Powerful (Statue)
Holland & Barrett (Property) 29 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Home of Fragrance (Property) 9 City Arcade WS136LY
HUB (Property) 28-30 Bakers Lane WS136NF


Infusion (Property) 38 - 40 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Ivison (Property) 18 Bird Street WS136PR


James Boswell (29 Oct 1740 - 19 May 1795) (People)
James Redshaw (Property) 23 Bird Street WS136PW
JD Sports (Property)
Johnsons (Photos)
Julian Graves (Property) 1 Tamworth Street WS136JP


Kennings (Property) 75 - 77 Upper St. John Street WS149DT


Levetts Square (Photos)
Levetts Square (Street View)
Lichfield 1990's Style (Galleries)
Lichfield Book Clearance (Property) 14 Market Street WS136LH
Lichfield Market Square (Locations)
Lichfield Savings Bank (Property)
Little Dessert Shop (Property) 1A Bore Street WS136LJ
Little Green Frog Café (Property)
London and Midland Bank (Property) 21 - 23 Market Street WS136JX


Maali (Locations) 3 Bird Street ws136pw
Magical Story (Property) 38 - 40 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Malt Shovel (Property) 20 Conduit Street WS136JR
Mankind Menswear (Property) 30 Tamworth Street WS136JJ
Marks & Spencer Simply Food (Property)
Martyrs Plaque (Locations)
MAX Spielmann (Property)
McDonalds (Property) 12 Conduit Street WS136JR
MEB (Property) 21 - 23 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Melbourne 2.0 Coffee Shop (Property) 32 - 34 Bird Street WS136PR
Menacing! (Locations)
Millets (Property) 19 Tamworth Street WS136JP
Minster Pool (Photos)
Minster Pool (Locations)
Monument to James Boswell (Statue)
Morgan Hair & Beauty (Property) 10B Bird Street WS136PR
Mosaic (Photos)
Mountain Warehouse (Property) 8-9 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Mountain Warehouse (Property) 21 - 23 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Mountain Warehouse on the move (News)
Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop (Property)
Mullarkeys (Property) 20 - 22 Tamworth Street WS136JJ


Naked Foods (Property) 45 Market Street WS136LE
Nationwide Building Society (News)
Naturana (Property)
New Look (Property) 21 - 23 Market Street WS136JX


Old Crown Hotel (Property) 2 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Old School (Photos)
Oliver’s of Lichfield (Property) 11 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Olivers Shoes (Property)
Only the front remains (Photos)
Oxfam (Property) 16 Market Street WS136LH


Past Times (Property) 38 - 40 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Peacocks (Property) 28-30 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Pearce Fishmonger (Property) 4 Bird Street WS136PR
Pearks Store and Warehouse (Property) 13 Bird Street WS136PW
Phones 4 U (Property)
Pizza By Goli !! (Property) 63 Tamworth Street WS136JW
Polka Dot Travel (Property) 11 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Ponden Mill (Property)
Pool House (Property)
Post Office (Property)
Postcards - Bird Street (Street View)
Postcards - Bird Street (Locations)
Postcards - Lichfield Market Square (Photos)
Postcards - Lichfield Market Square (Street View)
Postcards - Market Street (Street View)
Postcards - Sandford Street (Locations)
Pound Stretcher (Property)
Poundworld (Property) 21 - 23 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Priceless Shoes (Property) 2A Bakers Lane WS136NF
Prince of Wales (Property)
Probate Court (Property)


Qmin (Property) 30 Bird Street WS136PR


R.A.F. buildings off Anglesey Road (Locations)
Recreations grounds (Locations)
Regal / Kwik Save Demolition (News)
Revolution Portraits (Property) 17 Bore Street WS136LZ
Royce (Property) 16 Market Street WS136LH


Samuel Johnson (18 Sept 1709 - 13 Dec 1784) (People)
Samuel Johnson mosaic (Property)
Sarah Banbury's Cards and Gifts (Property) 11 - 13 Bore Street WS136LZ
Savers (Property) 19 Conduit Street WS136JR
Seasalt - Cornwall (Locations) 2A Bakers Lane WS136NF
Shoe Zone (Property) 41 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Shopping Precinct (Street View)
Silk (Property) 32 - 34 Bird Street WS136PR
Silks (Property) 13 Dam Street WS136AE
Smart Ideas (Property) 3 Bakers Lane WS136NG
Smithfield Public House (Property)
Soda streat (Property) 11 Bird Street WS136PW
Sony Centre (Property) uni - t1c Bakers Lane WS136NF
Sports Direct (Property)
St Chad's Church (Property)
St Michael's Church on Green Hill (Property)
Stars Newsagent (Property) 7 Bird Street WS136PW
Steam Fair 2018 (Galleries)
Stowe Pool (Photos)
Superdrug (Property) 19 Conduit Street WS136JR
Susans Baby Wear (Property) 29 Market Street WS136LA
Swinton (Property) 17 St. John Street WS136NU


T Purves (Property) 63 Tamworth Street WS136JW
Tamworth Street (Property)
Taylors and A & B Lock (Property)
Telephone Boxes (Locations)
Tempest Ford (Property)
Tesco (Property)
Tesco (Photos)
Thai Smile (Property) 3 Bird Street WS136PW
The Castle Inn (Property) 16 Market Street WS136LH
The Entertainer (Property)
The Gatehouse (Property) 1 Bird Street WS136PR
The Horse and Jockey (Property) 7
The Kitchen Shop (Property) 5 Market Street WS136JX
The Malt Shovel Hotel (Property) 20 Conduit Street WS136JR
The Moroccan (Property) 2d Bird Street WS136PR
The Staffs Bookshop (Property) 6 Dam Street WS136AA
The Train Shop of Lichfield (Property) 32 - 34 Bird Street WS136PR
TJ Hughes (Property) 46 Bakers Lane WS136NG


Uniforms Plus (Property) 33 Tamworth Street WS136JP
Union (Property) 2A Bakers Lane WS136NF


Venture (Property) 17 Bore Street WS136LZ
Vicars Close (Photos)
Vision Express (Property) 35 Bakers Lane WS136NF
Vivid Ink (Property) 2d Bird Street WS136PR


W Osborne (Property) 17 Bore Street WS136LZ
Wade Street (Street View)
Walkabout (Property) 13 Bird Street WS136PW
WH Smith & Son (Property)
WH Smiths (Property)
Whippet Inn Micropub (Property) 21 Tamworth Street WS136JP
White Stuff (Property) 41 Bore Street WS136NB
Wilkinson (Property) 12 - 14 Bore Street WS136LL
Wimbush / Three Cooks (Property) 26 Market Street WS136LH
Woolworths (Property)
Woolworths (Photos)


Yorkshire Bank Plc (Property)