Eat, Drink & Sleep
The former Central Garage in Conduit Street became McDonalds in the 1980’s.
Pizza By Goli !!
Pizza, By Goli !! has been open for over three decades and is starting to look a little tried in this photo from 2008.  By 2014 the restaurant had a make over with a fresh coat of paint and a new sign.
Wimbush / Three Cooks
The Wimbush Bakery was here on Market Street for several decades. The Three Cooks was formed when three small bakeries Clarks Bakery, Stephen’s Bakery and Wimbush the Bakers combined. The Three Cooks Bakery on Market Street was loved...
The first Coffee#1 location opened in 2001, since then the brand has been growing strong throughout the UK. The Lichfield branch opened in 2016.
City Corner Cafe
There has been a cafe on this corner in Lichfield for over sixty years. City Corner Cafe opened in August 2018 and is a family friendly cafe, offering a range of food and drinks.
Birds Bakery
Set to open in late August 2018 the Derby based Birds bakery have over fifty shops spread across the UK. The shop had been home to Holland & Barretts for many years before becoming a bakery.
The Indian restaurant is at the location of the old A Sanders shop, a popular Fruiterer and Florist.
Opened a month after Apres closed in 2015 brought about after the sale of the lease hold to Intertain.
Scandinavian-styled bar with terrace, outdoor seating and fast food. Town & Country Inns who held the leasehold of the Après Bar on Bird Street sold it to Walkabout operator Intertain in August 2015. 
Little Dessert Shop
Little Dessert Shop was established in the UK in 2014 and within the first two years they opened a number of very successful outlets in Wolverhampton, West Bromwich and Wednesfield to cope with the growing demand. Opened in Lichfield in...
Thai Smile
Opened after the closure of the Green-T restaurant .
Crystals Chinese and Cantonese
Most will no doubt remember this as the Big Fisherman, at the time one of three fish and chip shops frying in the town.Fast forward to 2000’s and it had become the Crystals Chinese restaurant, a good one as well. Over the years...