Locations & Events
Dam Street
Long before Dam Street was brick paved it was possible to park at the top by Minister Pool.  There was no access to Woollies carpark for motor vehicles from Dam Street but there was a footpath you could use to cut through.   ...
Dam Street
A view of Dam Street before it was given its pedestrianisation makeover. 
Conduit Street
Conduit Street from around c1975. By now the sweet shop has become the Heart of England Building Society, H.C. Moore was closed and all boarded up. 
Only the Front Remains
Demolition of the old Kwik Save supermarket has continued into December, with only the listed front facade remaining. 
This unnerving and menacing face looks down on everyone passing by number 1 Tamworth Street. As to why it’s there I have no idea! If you do, then please get in touch.
Telephone Boxes
The iconic red telephone box was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1920’s. These two phoneboxes in the Market Square are the K6 type (kiosk number six). The K6 was designed in 1935 to commemorate the silver jubilee of King...
Friary Wall
There are a lot of plaques in and around Lichfield but this one makes me smile. There is not a lot of the wall left and I feel they were just trying to hit a plaque quota.
Cross Keys
Big changes have taken place in thirteen years in the Cross Keys area. The old retail building used by Texas, Carol, Big D and other has gone and the space is on its way to becoming appartments and the carpark has been redeveloped to become...
Martyrs Plaque
Martyrs Plaque now has a more prominent position in the park after its move from the rockery in the Museum garden.  
Postcards - Market Street
If you could transport the gentleman on the left to 2018 he would be looking in the window of the British Heart Foundation.
Steam Fair 2018
The Steam Fair was in the park over the weekend of July 21st & 22nd.