Cathedral Gift Shop
5 Cathedral Gift Shop
Lichfield Cathedral Gift Shop

The old Cathedral Gift Shop was called ’The shop at Number 9’ and was located in the Cathedral Close, opposite the west door of the cathedral.

The Gift shop moved to it’s new location in the shopping centre in October 2018 with a charitable lease. Unfortunately the lease owner triggered a break clause meaning the gift shop had to close with one months notice.

The old location in The Close has now been converted back into residential use.

Previously the location of two well known local jewellers, the shop front was pulled forward in 2016.

Oliver’s of Lichfield
Oliver’s of Lichfield
Robert Carr - Jewellers
Robert Carr - Jewellers
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Location Timeline
11 Bakers Lane WS136NF
  • Robert Carr
  • Jeweller
  • Cathedral Gift Shop2018 - 2019
    Closed 17th June 2019 when the owners triggered the break clause in the lease giving one months notice.
  • Opened August 2019.