Barclays Bank
A small collection of photographs of the old Lichfield branch on Market Street, used with the permission of Barclays Group Archives.
Lichfield Savings Bank
Have you ever wondered why the Corn Exchange has the words Savings Bank emblazoned on the one end of the building?  Well it’s all to do with the Lichfield Saving Bank. The bank was established in 1818 and originally operated in...
Silk is a family name and has been associated with high-quality hairdressing in Lichfield since 1971.
Dam Street
Long before Dam Street was brick paved it was possible to park at the top by Minister Pool.  There was no access to Woollies carpark for motor vehicles from Dam Street but there was a footpath you could use to cut through.   ...
Geogre 4th
There has been a pub at this location since the 1700’s. Originally called the Old Golden Ball the public house was renamed The George IV in 1830’s in honour of the King.In the 1911 census the landlord was listed as a 51 year old...
Wimbush / Three Cooks
The Wimbush Bakery was here on Market Street for several decades. The Three Cooks was formed when three small bakeries Clarks Bakery, Stephen’s Bakery and Wimbush the Bakers combined. The Three Cooks Bakery on Market Street was loved...
The first Coffee#1 location opened in 2001, since then the brand has been growing strong throughout the UK. The Lichfield branch opened in 2016.
Dam Street
A view of Dam Street before it was given its pedestrianisation makeover. 

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