Sports Direct
The famous sportware shop moved to its new location in the shopping center in 2017 from its more central previous location.
Pound Stretcher
One of the first discount stores to open in Lichfield when the new Shopping centre was opened.  Closed in 2017.  
Magical Story
Magical Story is the latest to reside at 38-40 Baker’s Lane opening after the closure of Past Times in 2012. The store closed in March 2020 due to the location needing intense refurbishment and the current lease ending.
Farm supplies Burgess stood on this location for many years next to the old Smithfield cattle market. German discount supermarket Adli moved to the site in the 1990’s.   During the redevelopment of the area in 2009 for the...
Minster Pool
Minster Pool is a reservoir located between Bird Street and Dam Street.
Childrenswear chain Adams went into administration in 2008 / 2009. The store closed and the location was taken up by Infusion and then Past Times. You can see from the photo Costa coffee had added it’s outside area.
Past Times
Once the site of the childrenswear chain Adams. Past Times was retailer, specialising in gifts, as well as retro goods. The company went into administration in January 2012.
Enots Demolition
Once a major employer in the area work began to clear the site in October 2016 to make way for a new Lidi and a drive through Costa Coffee.  
Naturana closed in 2016 and was demolished soon after. At the moment the site is waiting for redevelopment after the planned move to the site by Tempest Ford car dealership fell through when the council moved forward on the ill-fated...
Famous for its pick-n-mix Woolworths stores faded from the high street in December 2008.

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